Jute Shibari Rope 300 feet unfinished

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Our unfinished jute rope spools measure over 300 feet long and are 6 mm in diameter. This rope is hand crafted from yarns that are carefully dyed in many beautiful colors then hand crafted to ensure that each strand is uniform in color and thickness. Unfinished ropes are spooled straight off the line and discreetly shipped straight to your door. 

Our unfinished jute rope requires some love and attention before using.  It will arrive very stiff and fuzzy.  Work your personal magic so it will suit your taste and style.

Have us do all the work.  Order our Ready To Use conditioned spools 

Even though this isn't the cheapest rope on the market, we feel it's superior quality makes it worth every penny! This rope can be used for most forms of tying especially Shibari.

This rope has a lot of tooth and will become very smooth with use.

These ropes come in a coil bound with a zip tie, as seen in the photo.

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